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Benin & Togo

A Cultural Immersion

November 18 – 27, 2023

2 Countries – 7 Cities

10 Days/9 Nights


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Hotels – Ground Transportation – Meals – Tours

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An Unforgettable Expedition

One of the best ways to experience the cultures, traditions, and wildlife of West Africa is through a multi-country tour.  This experience offers a unique and welcoming journey through ancient cultural sites, traditional ceremony, beautiful beaches, dark historical past, and exceptional natural features.

You will embark on an unforgettable expedition!  Exploration begins in Lome, Togo visiting the grand Marche (big market), National Museum of Togo, witches market of Akodessewa, and the artisanal village.

Benin is the birthplace of Vodou (known by the colonial moniker of Voodoo).  While visiting Ouidah, you will be able to witness a traditional Vodou ceremony, the spirituality of empowerment.  Learn about this sacred spiritual practice in its original context and community. You will visit the Sacred Pythons Temple and Sacred Forest which features figurines representing deities of kings and the founders of Ouidah.

Otamari Village in Benin

Otamari Village in Benin

Lome, Togo

Benin is also known for Ganvie, a lake village near Cotonou, which is often referred to as the Venice of West Africa.  It features the largest lake village in Africa.  Homes are built on stilts over the water and the primary means of transportation are wooden boats.  This village is an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Abomey was the capital of the Dahomey Kingdom from 1625 to 1900, known for their formidable women warriors.  You will visit the royal palaces and Historical Museum of Abomey.   And there’s so much more!


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Pack your bags and embark on a cultural immersion tour to remember!

Package includes:  Hotels – Ground Transportation – Meals – Tours

Traditional Vodou

Booking Details

Deposit – $800 Double / $1,200 Single by 7/31/2023

Final Payment Due 09/09/2023

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Payment Details

Double Occupancy: 

Deposit $600 by 3/1/2023
Deposit $800  3/2/2023 – 7/31/2023

Single Occupancy: 

Deposit $1000 by 3/1/2023
Deposit $1200  3/2/2023 – 7/31/2023

Final Payment Due 09/09/2023

Cancellation Policy

$500 non-refundable before 9/9/2023

65% non-refundable 9/10/2023 – 10/15/2023

No refunds after 10/15/2023.

WE Got You Covered

Togo Visa Information

  • Togo is now employing an e-visa system which requires U.S. citizens to apply and pay for their visas before arrival in Togo at Togo Voyage Platform.
  • Cost: 15 days – Single Entry – 25 000 F CFA (Credit card company will convert to USD after payment)

Benin Visa Information

  • U.S. citizens must apply for a Beninese e-Visa at e-Visa Platform between 7 and 90 days before you travel.
  • Overview of the Visa Process.
  • Start the application at least 30 days before you travel.
  • Cost: 30 days – Single Entry: 50 EURO (Credit card company will convert to USD after payment).

Weather & Climate

Benin and Togo climate is tropical.  November is one of the drier months to visit, yet it will be quite warm.

Average temperatures are expected to range from 76F – 88F

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is available to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected.  Want some peace of mind as the world begins to open up to us?

Travel insurance is recommended or may be required.

Vaccination Info

  • Benin and Togo require Malaria medication.
  • Benin and Togo require a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate or records indicating your protection from yellow fever.
  • COVID Vaccines – see details for each country.
Benin COVID Vaccine Requirements
  • There are no COVID-related entry requirements for U.S. citizens.
Togo COVID Vaccine Requirements
  • Fully vaccinated travelers are not required to have proof of negative PCR test. However, proof of vaccination must include a QR code.
  • For unvaccinated travelers, proof of a negative PCR test is still required, and these passengers will be subjected to a PCR test upon arrival.
  • The negative PCR test must be within 5 days of travel.

“The secrets of our history, ancestry, and culture are within these lands.  It is our duty to explore and cherish these gifts.”

Nicole Holmes, Agency Owner


Everything about this trip has been spectacular but my wonderful [agent Nicole], you put the cherry on top. I highly recommend anyone planning a trip to allow her to make your dreams into reality.

Anthony H

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