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A Coastal Beacon

October 5 – 13, 2024

City, Sand Dunes, & Beach

8 Days/7 Nights


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Hotels – Ground Transportation – Meals – Tours

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Our 2024 Senegal Cultural Heritage Tour welcomes you to experience the west African wonder of Senegal.   Home to the Wolof, Fula, Mandinka, Serer, and Jola people, Senegal is rich with cultural history, value, and strength.  Thousands of years saw the rise and fall of several empires, including the Ghana Empire, Mali Empire, and the Jolof Empire in these lands.  Today Senegal is culturally vibrant expressing through art, music, dance, literature and cuisine.

 Arrive in Dakar, where the stunning African Renaissance Monument, a beacon of strength, welcomes you back to your ancestral home.  Get ready to visit the Museum of Black Civilizations, IFAN Museum of African Art,  and Senegal’s Door of No Return at Goree Island.  Take a moment to honor your ancestors on this return journey.


Otamari Village in Benin

African Renaissance Monument

Dakar, Senegal

This tour will introduce you to gorgeous landscapes, from sandy beaches and fishing villages to natural wonders including the Djoudi National Bird Sanctuary.   An UNESCO World Heritage site, Djoudi is home to many migratory birds and the stunning pink Lake Retba (also known as Lac Rose), famous for its high salt content and unique color.   Enjoy a boat ride around the lake and then proceed to Saint Louis for an overnight stay.

After a visit to Touba, the biggest mosque in west Africa, you’ll embark on a lion walk at the Fathala wildlife reserve.  Explore the shell island of Joal Fadiouth and end the tour with a visit to Mbour fishing village and local markets.  This trip has it all!

Join us for a trip to remember.


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Package includes:  Hotels – Ground Transportation – Meals – Tours

Lac Rose

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Deposit – $600 Double / $800 Single by 6/28/2024

Final Payment Due 07/22/2024

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Payment Details

Double Occupancy: 

Deposit $600 by 6/28/2024

Single Occupancy: 

Deposit $800  6/28/2024

Final Payment Due 07/22/2024

Cancellation Policy

$500 non-refundable before 7/22/2024

65% non-refundable 7/23/2024 – 8/22/2024

No refunds after 8/22/2024.

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Senegal Visa Information

  • Senegal no longer requires visas for U.S. citizens for stays of fewer than 90 days.
  • All other passports may have different requirements.

Vaccine Information

  • Malaria medication is required.
  • Senegal requires a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate or records indicating your protection from yellow fever.
  • COVID Vaccines are not required at this time.

Weather & Climate

Senegal climate is tropical.  October is one of the rainy months to visit, yet it will be quite warm.

Average temperatures are expected to range from 83F – 93F

Travel Protection

Travel protection is available to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected.  Want some peace of mind as the world begins to open up to us?

Travel protection is recommended or may be required.

“The secrets of our history, ancestry, and culture are within these lands.  It is our duty to explore and cherish these gifts.”

Nicole Holmes, Agency Owner


Everything about this trip has been spectacular but my wonderful [agent Nicole], you put the cherry on top. I highly recommend anyone planning a trip to allow her to make your dreams into reality.

Anthony H

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